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Conference LAA 2010



King’s College, London, Friday 12th to Saturday 13th March 2010

Studies of the late antique economy often stress sea-borne interregional trade as a motor of prosperity. But why were inland regions able to flower at this time? Was wealth generated mainly by local production and exchange? How important was this to the economy as a whole?

FRIDAY 12TH MARCH (in the Great Hall)

Theoretical Papers

14.00-14.40 Mark Whittow (Oxford)

How much trade was local, regional and inter-regional? Comparative perspectives

14.40-15.20 Peter Sarris (Cambridge)

Rural production dynamics: autarchy, tax and forms of exchange, seen from papyri.

16.00-16.40 A. Macmahon (OU) and L. Lavan (Kent)

Specialisation in artisanal production: what does it mean for local exchange?


SATURDAY 13TH MARCH (in Safra Lecture Theatre)

Prosperity in Inland Regions (forms of production )

10.40-11.10 Kim Bowes (Cornell) Spain and Gaul.

11.10-11.40 Emanuele Vaccaro (Cambridge) Interior Sicily.

 11.50-12.20 Lynda Mulvin (Dublin) Pannonia.

12.20-12.50 Elizabeth Fentress (UCL) Numidia.

14.00-14.30 David Mattingly (Leicester) Garamantia.

14.30-15.00 Hannelore Van Haeverbeke (Burdur) Pisidia and Lacaonia.


Regional exchange (forms of consumption)

15.00-15.30 Sauro Gelichi (Venice) Northern Italy  

16.10-16.40 Michel Bonifay (Aix en Provence) Africa

16.50-17.20 Jeroen Poblome (KULeuven)  Asia Minor

17.20-18.00 Agnes Vokaer (ULB) The Near East

Entrance is free, though places are limited. To reserve a place please email Held at the Strand Campus, King’s College London. Location details: Temple Tube station. For flights try Cheap UK train tickets can be obtained from Ask for GroupSave4 tickets: 4 people for the price of 2. Organised by the University of Kent (Centre for Late Antique Archaeology) and King’s College London (Centre for Hellenic Studies Dept of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies) 

Generously supported by Museum Selection and Brill Academic Publishers   


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