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Imperial Archaeologies 1: Regional Papers LAA 2018

Birkbeck, University of London, Saturday 1st November,
This meeting will examine the latest developments in the archaeology of emperors, kings, and their courts in late antiquity, from palaces and iconography to churches and mausolea. We review fieldwork in Constantinople or imperial capitals within the Empire, but also compare royal courts of adjacent kingdoms in both East & West.
09.40-10.10 Nigel Westbrook (Melbourne) Reinterpreting the Mamboury Survey of the Upper Great Palace.
10.10-10.40 Kerim Altug (Istanbul Arch Museum) Recent Discoveries on the Great Palace: the Late Antique Water Supply.
10.40-11.10 Nikos Karydis (Kent) Visualising Justinian’s Church of the Holy Apostles at Constantinople
11.20-12.00 Catherine Saliou (EPHE, Paris) and Hatice Pamir (Antakya) Antioch in Late Antiquity: dialogue between the new archaeological results  and texts.
12.00-12.30 Konstantinos Raptis (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) The transformation of Thessaloniki at the turn of the sixth century.
12.30-13.00 Javier Arce* (Lille)The Palace of Galerius Caesar: doubts and contradictions.
 *Royal Courts of the East*
14.15-14.45 Jacke Phillips (SOAS) Aksum: the great power no one has heard about.
14.45-15.30 Dobrochna Zielińska (University of Warsaw) and Lucia Dominici (Naples l’Orientale) From Kushite qore and kandake to Christian basileos. 
Nubian royal concepts in Late Antiquity.
15.30-16.00 Hossein Habbibi (Edinburgh) Sasanian royal spaces and political culture.
*Royal Courts of the West*
16.15-16.45 Lauro Olmo (Alcala de Henares) Recopolis & Toledo.
16.45-17.15 Maria Duggan (Newcastle) Changing understandings of Tintagel: royal power in an Atlantic context.
17.15-17.45 Andy Seaman* (Canterbury Christ Church) Royal courts in Wales
17.55-18:00 Final Remarks
Venue: Birkbeck, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX. All welcome. Admission Free
Register before 29th November on (search: Late Antique Archaeology). You must cancel if you cannot come, up to 1 week prior to event.
Conveners: L.Lavan, R.Darley (Birkbeck). Sponsors: Kent, Birkbeck, J.Beale, Brill.
* = paper read, speaker not attending


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